Remember drive-thru Fotomats? Hahahaha With my Photo of the Day project there's no real way to categorize all of it so I for simplicity's sake here are four sets.


I've been doing my Photo of the Day project for 10 years. I started keeping track of the photos in the last few years. During that time about 90-100 days a year are photos of food of some sort. Having worked on a lot of menus and restaurant clients over my career I think I picked up a few tips. It doesn't hurt that I like to cook and like to eat even more.


I heard a famous photographer speak one time at a Photoshop conference. I don't remember his name and I don't remember anything from his talk except that he photographed random ordinary things around him, his photos were amazing and he said, "If you go somewhere beautiful and you don't come back with beautiful photos you should just f'ing shoot yourself." I thought that was funny considering there were so many photographers there with lots of pretty pictures of pretty places.


I love the details of flowers. I heard on some show that all plant growth is based on one specific algorithm. Some people hear that and think, "science". I think that's God just being efficient.


I love dogs. I currently have 3 of my own. I've even really loved my friend's dogs, some of which I've dog sat. My daughter at times has had cats, but I'm not a cat person. I do like other peoples' cats though.



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