Over a decade ago I transferred all my Hi8 & DV video cassettes to a hard drive and slowly began my self education on video editing and animation. It all started with home movies.

Chili's Global Social

We did a whole series of short animations for Art of the Burger's recent promotion. We only did one video for Fajita Show but bringing the marquee to life was a lot of fun.

Art of the Burger - Shrimp
no audio

Art of the Burger - Bacon
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Fajita Show Promo

Misc. SOcial Videos

These are a small collection of videos I've done for a few different clients. The agency Halloween post was fun. Animating the avocado guy was a blast but clipping out his cilantro arms was a big pain.

Agency Halloween Post
no audio

Chili's Gift Card Promo - Social

Agency Activation Recap - Social

Home Video

My daughter's 24th birthday was the other day. I went back through some of my old videos from when she was born to make this for her. She's still my baby.

Daughter's 24th Birthday Gift



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