I grew up working construction with my dad. Coincidentally I ended up building a website for a spa that he had remodeled years earlier.

Texas land & Cattle

Our agency designed some table top menus for this client. They had an idea for a rustic wooden holder. I ended up with the opportunity to produce these holders in my garage at home. It's a nice break from pushing a mouse around.

Patio Furniture

Even though it's just my daughter and I at home I have a big family and needed a lot of seating space. I designed a couch, a bench and a table but then decided to complete the set with a loveseat and chair. Most importantly the couches are long enough from me to lay on.

Acoustic Soundbox

I saw a bunch of these online and came up with an idea for one of my own. It essentially enhances and increases the volume of the sound based on the acoustic properties of the wooden chambers. No electronics involved. Unfortunately I got the Plus sized phone next and it didn't fit anymore.

Planter Boxes

These three are some of the boxes I’ve built for friends and my own personal use. I’ve only started gardening this year. Fortunately, I have a little space for a raised bed of my own in my backyard.



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