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I love building web sites and making videos, but

Taking photos is where I'm really finding joy these days

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    It's the one thing that isn't "making stuff," but I've found I really love the push to find inspiration everyday. I have a pet project in the web section that really talks aboutmy perspective on photography.


    I've used some of my photos on client's websites in the past and this can provide a cost-effective solution for some applications. I can also provide photography specific to your needs. It's just one more service I can provide to help make your project more distinctive.


    The pics I have here are some of my more artistic and/or fun shots. I like to joke that I just push the button to take the shots and delete the ones that don't look good. That's a bit of an over simplification, and there's a little more to it than that, but come on. In the end, that's what I'm showing you here. Just the good ones.




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