Botello III


Don't quit your day job.

Just because you can do an ad in Word doesn't mean you should.

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    All the images in this gallery are from work I did while at Dieste, a hispanic ad agency.


    I prepare all files to send to the printer. I do retouching, color correction and compositing as necessary. I also make sure all the files are built to the exact specifications from the printer. All ads, billboards, car wraps, etc..., are built just the way the printer wants them so the printed files come out looking as expected.


    I didn't do too much design work on most of the elements featured here. I can do print work, but because this was my day job for so long, I didn't look for that kind of work when I was freelancing.


    I think this gives me a very well-rounded skill set that allows me to meet most, if not all, my clients' needs, both print and web.

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