Botello III


Making these videos wasn't the hard part.

I love video for the emotion and the opportunity to tell a story.

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    It's time consuming to be sure, but not difficult. Like I've said I'm not a programmer and my first web video was just an experiment. Can I make this work on the web? Well, the answer is yes. It's a feature that is available to all my clients now. Whether it's a finished product that you want included on your site or raw footage you need edited, learning how to do it was the fun part.


    Obviously, web isn't the only output available. Many clients need DVDs or files that will play on their computers or mobile devices. All of these are options as well as graphics and other video animations.


    Most of projects in this gallery are personal. There's a creative idea behind them all. Some funny and silly, some not. They were all fun to do. I have so many more that I don't post for the privacy of my clients and my family's sake.

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