Botello III


I'm not a programmer any more than I have to be.

Some of my best ideas

start with, "I wonder if I can..."

©2013 Santiago Botello III

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    Maybe that's what gets me excited to build new things. Finding if I'm smart enough to accomplish the idea or design I have in my head. There's a challenge that my analytical side really enjoys.


    I think that's what has drawn me to web work the most. The look can be artistic, but not if you don't know how to pull it off. I think every project should be self indulgent to some degree, otherwise, I'm not in love with what I'm doing. If a big smile doesn't come across my face while I'm "working" on a project, I'm not doing it whole-heartedly. That is the measure of every project. That is how I know I'm doing what I should be doing.